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Our purpose for this page is to provide you with information about the happenings in our lives. Enjoy!

May 15, 2002

    Greetings!  For those of you in the Mid West I hope that you have enjoyed this flood season.  We have not had water in the house but do have some standing water in the backyard.  We have no water compared to others around the state and city.  It has been an adventure.  

    We are busy preparing for our move to Dubuque this summer.  Matt is looking for a job and Mabel and I are beginning to pack.  We are all excited for the move.  

    We haven't been doing much in the past month.  In the next month we will be visiting lots of family so be sure to check back for new photos.  We took a roll of black and white film recently.  Be sure to check the pages of our web site for all the new ones.  

    Take care, cheyanna

April 17, 2002
    Is it spring or is it summer?  This hot weather has led Mabel and I to swimming in the living room!  Well, actually only Mabel.  She recently received a wading pool from her Grandma Sally and I have set it up in the living room as we have no shade in the backyard.  

    This last month has kept us busy.  We traveled to Washington for Kara and Darren's wedding.  A beautiful trip.  After that we went to Iowa to visit the seminary we are going to attend.  We had a wonderful time and are anxious to move.  Upon returning from Iowa we have been hosting family as they use our house as a retreat.  Mabel is great for stress relief.

    Mabel also had her first cold in the last month.  We  all survived.  She is currently cutting her first tooth.  At least I think that I am feeling a tooth when I touch her gums.  Our second anniversary came and went.  I do not think that we even signed the cards we purchased.  We had just returned from Washington and we exhausted.  

    We also went on our first date since Mabel arrived.  It was almost exactly like our first date ever, if any of you remember that fiasco.  But we had a great time just being together.  

    All else is well in our world this month.  Our families are all doing well.  We did lose a long time furry friend, Lars, last week.  He lived a long life.  We all look forward to seeing him in Heaven.  

    Be sure to come visit when you can.  Keep in touch.  cheyanna

March 9, 2002

    Spring is coming!  Here in Indy thought we haven't experienced much in the way of winter, we are excited that Spring is on the way.  This means that we will have lots of time to plant flowers and watch them grow.  It is a wonderful time of year.

    Mabel is growing by leaps and bounds.  Each day she does something new to amaze us.  Currently she is in the middle of her first cold.  She is handling this experience a bit better than Matt and I.  

    Kara and Darren will be getting married in two weeks.  We cannot wait.  We are so happy to be able to spend that special day with them.  We are also approaching our second anniversary.  My how time does fly.  It has been two glorious years.  

    We hope that all of you will be enjoying your spring.  We love you.  

    Take care, cheyanna

February 3, 2002

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  The month of January went by so fast.  We still haven't gotten much winter weather.  It seems that we will not get much snow this winter.  The bright side is Mabel and I can start planting flowers sooner.

    Mabel has grown so much more in the past month.  She is now rolling over.  She also laughs.  Last month she loved to sit up if we would hold her, this month she likes to stand.  She no longer enjoys her bouncy seat or swing.  She now loves her stroller.  She is still talking all the time.  Recently she has discovered how to make her voice much louder and more shrill.  This has lead to hours of her screeching and giggling.  It is so much fun to hear and see.

    Matt and I have been working on the Housholder family reunion that is happening this summer.  We have also been cleaning out closets and exercising.  We hope to be more fit by the end of this year.  

    Our friends Nate and Emily welcomed their baby girl, Madeline Elizabeth, on January 23, 2002.  She is so beautiful.  We are so happy for them.  Little girls are so wonderful.

    We hope that you enjoy the rest of winter.  Take care.  cheyanna

January 7, 2002

    Happy New Year!  I am glad to report that we have made it to another year.  Matt and I were shocked to discover a new year had begun as we felt the last year hardly began.  I believe it has a lot to do with my not having been able to do much during our pregnancy.  So we are hoping to make the most of this new year.

    Mabel is growing so fast.  She found both her hands last month.  She is now able to put them into her mouth and is beginning to reach for things.  She also talks all the time.  She now changes the tone and pitch of her voice.  She is so amazing.  

    Matt and I are so thankful for another year together.  We are planning on celebrating our second wedding anniversary with a trip to our honeymoon spot.  We will actually be attending Kara and Darren's wedding.  We are so excited.  

    Please be sure to e-mail, call, write or visit sometime soon.  We love and miss all of you.  
                take care, cheyanna

November 29, 2001

    Happy Holidays!  As the holiday season begins we are once again caught up in thoughts of the past year.  The many ways our life has changed.  Our family has grown so much since last Christmas.  We have welcomed 4 new babies between our two families.  And even more babies when we count our friends.  Several spouses have been added to our circle of friends.  Friendships have been renewed, family members have grown closer.  God has  blessed us in more ways than I can count.  

    Learning to be parents has been the most challenging and rewarding experience that either of us has ever undertaken.  Our Mabel has grown so quickly.  Her smiles and noises are so beautiful.  This gift of Mabel is so amazing.  

    We wish you all a good end of the year.  Please be sure to let all your friends and family know how much they mean to you.  Also, remember that this season is to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.  How incredible.  

    Take care, cheyanna

October 14, 2001

    MABEL HAS ARRIVED!  Can you believe it?  Today she is sleeping on the floor next to her dad.  As I look at them the joy I feel is more than I have ever experienced.  

    Last night as I lay down to sleep I was trying to think of a way to express how wonderful I feel.  I decided it might be easier if I tell you of the ride home from the hospital.  Maybe this will help explain how blessed I feel with the precious gift of Mabel.

    As we were driving home last night a song came on the radio.  I cannot remember the name of it but it talks about God's mercy being the first greatest wonder of the world.  As I sat there looking at my daughter I was struck by how much God has given us and how much He has given up for us.  The song states that God's mercy sent Jesus to take the blame for all of our sin.  This is truly the greatest wonder of the world.  But what the song doesn't mention is the second greatest wonder of the world, God's Grace.  

    As I sat there singing and watching Mabel sleep I was struck by how much grace God has shown Matt and I.  By His grace Matt and I were brought together as husband and wife.  By His grace we have wonderful family and friends.  And now by His grace we have a beautiful baby girl.  

    I am eternally grateful for both of these great wonders of the world.  I know that I will spend the rest of my life thanking God for both.  And yet eternity will be to short to express my appreciation and love.  

    My prayer for each of you reading this is that you will also one day understand the two greatest wonders of the world.  Thank you for all the love and support you have given Matt and I.  Without the gift of you we would not be the people we are today.  

    I love you.  Take care & God Bless!   cheyanna