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    Our new Youth Pastor arrived at the end of last month.  After six weeks of working with INS he obtained his visa.  We are excited to see all he has in store for our teenagers.  On September 23 we celebrated 150 years for our congregation.  It was an amazing ceremony.  Here's to another 150 years!

    Everything at Church is moving along smoothly.  We are getting ready to revise the Sunday Service schedule.  All the changes are to take place this fall.  We aren't working with a softball team this year as we had a lot of traveling to do at the beginning of the season.  Our small group is doing a good study about techniques on how to get the most out of studying the Bible.  This has been informative and helpful so far.  One of the couples in our small group just gave birth to their first child.  It has been a good summer.  

    Matt has been acting as an assistant coach for the basketball season.  His team is improving every time they meet.  The players are between 8 - 9 years old.  Quite a happy experience.  Pastor Larson is really pulling the church together.  We joined a small group bible study in October.  It is going great.  We are happy to meet new people and learn more about God's Word.  

    Bob Larson has taken over as the Interim Pastor.  We heard him preach his first sermon last Sunday.  We are happy that he has come to Tab.  He seems to be excellent for the transition we are making in our church.  We welcome him and his wife Dotty.

    Matt's softball team played a great game, but lost 4-2 to the Padres.  It was a close game throughout, but the Padres played some great defense in the late innings to close out the game.  The Tigers had a wonderful season and can't wait for next season.  A new picture of the entire team is now on the photo album page.

    Matt's softball team won the first round of the tournament.  They play on Thursday and if they win they will play on Friday for the championship.  Please look at the photo album page for their picture.  

    News from the Session is that we are getting an interim pastor beginning in August.  

    On June 18, 2000 we became members of Tabernacle Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis.  We had only attended services there two times when we decided to learn more about the church through their Inquirers Class.  We then attended six weekly sessions and decided this was the church we wanted to belong to.  So, on the 18th, we officially became members, transferring our membership from the First Presbyterian Church of Princeville.

    Since then, Cheyanna has become involved with taking pictures for the recreation program at the church.  Matt also got involved with the rec program and is currently attempting to be an assistant softball coach for 10 and 11 year olds.